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Learn Magic from Mages

dragonia-logoAn excerpt of original copy commissioned by an online role playing site in 2005. 

Previously, only a list of names and elements were provided to role players to choose who to learn magic from. In-person interviews were done with the game master for all NPC characters in order to provide a short description with each name listed. Individual users who volunteered to be magic teachers were interviewed by e-mail.

In order to learn magic, you must find a teacher. They will then teach you the spells of their field. Listed below are the names of the various mages of Dragonia.

Phury (NPC), the Wind Mage, is among the best wind mages in Dragonia. Do not be fooled by his name, he is a very shy individual with an even temper.

Aquant (NPC), the Water Mage, also know as the Water God, is ranked as third most skilled in his element. Tyde and Tsunam are greater in power and skill, but none can match his ability to pass on the skills of water.

Gem (NPC), the Earth Mage, or Mother Earth as some call her, is the supreme Earth Mage of the land. She does not suffer fools, but is fair and just.

Phlame (NPC), the Fire Mage, is a superior caster with moderate power. Be warned, he has a short temper and disdains the use of other elements.

Pedes (NPC), the Lightning Mage, has a personality that matches storm of his element. He can be faint and distant, then seconds later be close and loud.

Efyora (NPC), the Dark Mage, or Mother of Darkness, is the most powerful Dark Mage known to Dragonia. Many fear the dark, but Efyora is known to provide a safe haven for those in need.

Gli (NPC), Light Mage, or Daughter of Light, is a strong healer and Light Mage. Her powers can revive someone in an instant, heal a near fatal attack, and close a wound in seconds. Specter and Refra are known to have more power, but known can beat Gli in speed.

Larami (NPC), the Ether Mage, is among the best fighters of the land. She takes students willingly, but only if they can demonstrate their ability to defend themselves.

Sau (NPC), the Arcane Mage, is only matched in power by Xavier. However, his knowledge of different spells far outranks the Dragonian King. He teaches all levels of Arcane Magic.

Tsuteto, the Dragon Guardian, teaches all levels of Dragon Magic. Those that seek his knowledge must first show they have mastered another element. He will only teach one student at a time.

Aolone dabbles in all areas of magic, and while she cannot match the masters in their own field, she is quite powerful. She only teaches level one magic to those who she feels will use their powers to defend the weak.

Lucid (NPC), the Omen Warlord, is extremely powerful. While only knowing level 2 magic, he is one serious firecracker. You do not want to be around him when he’s angry.


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